·         Introduction

Shanghai Blue Wave (SBW) office is located in Shanghai, the heart of Marine & Offshore trading, Engineering and Finance in East Asia. Nowadays all of international marine top brands and well-known suppliers have Production line or branch or warehouse or agent in China/Shanghai.

Our Mission:

At Shanghai Blue Wave, we are commited to redefining the industry by adopting a unique & Special approach aimed at customer satisfaction. We work closely with our partners and clients to understand their requirements the first stage of feasibility study, concept design, layouts, project planning and design to manufacturing, production and logistics to the implementation stage. To enable and deliver an exceptional and innovative solution tailored to our clinets’ needs.


·         Our Vision:

Shangahi Blue Wave(SBW) will become one of the leading International reputed Marine and Offshore traders providing effective solutions to its valued customers.

·         Advantages of Shanghai Blue Wave:


Shanghai Blue Wave ( SBW ) has been trusted Technical and Trading company for performance material and equipment in Marine & Offshore fields.

Ease of Accessibility:

easily access to SBW team for face-to-face negotiation and efficient progress in projects.

Care About Intrests:

We care about intrests of our customers by carefully select innovative and experienced factories to meet client requirements and marine classification standard, with an eye towards offering comparative market cost, simplicity, elegance, and performance.